Welcome to Koshish, Deaddiction Center

Terms and Conditions

Rules and regulations of the center

Counselling and treatment facilities are available for all types of drugs and alcohol abuse.

Minimum duration of stay for de-addiction os 90 days and it may be extended, depending on the condition of the client.

During their stay clients are not allowed to go outside, except when accompanied by the centre’s staff.

After 30 days family members are allowed to visit the client during office hours under the supervision of the centre’s staff.

Clients are expected to maintain the centre’s discipline; otherwise disciplinary actions maybe taken.

The full fee for the whole duration will have to be deposited at the time of admission. With the exception of medical emergencies this amount is non-refundable.

Additional expenses incurred in case of indiscipline and breakage/damage of Koshish’s equipment and medical expenses apart from detoxification and withdrawal will be borne by the client’s family/friends/guardian.

The full deposit will be forfeited in case of dropouts. It is cumpolsury that all clients to do household and/or the centre’s chores/social work/vocational work as part of the total therapeutic package.

All the clients are required to act according to the prescribed timetable. The management might change the above terms and conditions at any time for rendering better service in achieving it’s objectives.

I have gone through and understood the above rules and regulations of the centre. I hereby give my consent to abide by these rules and to take all forms of treatment as advised by the management of the centre during my stay as a client

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