What we provide

12 steps program addiction recovery program

The 12 steps program are powerful peer support groups that help people recover from substance abuse, behavioural addictions and other mental health conditions. At Koshish  we practice and adhere to the principles of the 12 steps program.

yoga and meditation in addiction recovery

Yoga & meditation have been practised in India since ancient times and are recognised internationally as means of well being of the body, mind & soul. It is an essential part of addiction recovery.  At Koshish we practice both.

counselling in addiction recovery process

Counselling is an important part of recovery. We provide the support system for recovery by forming a relationship built on trust with patients & families. At Koshish we provide the necessary support, resources, and guidance for recovery.


A rehabilitation centre is a place which helps addicts in the recovery process. Through various treatment methods at the rehabilitation centre such as psychological and use of creative, discipline and constructive schedule, addicts are helped to analyze themselves and learn coping patterns. The duration of the stay for addicts may differ from case to case basis.

Drug Addiction is a condition where the addict develops drug seeking behavior. Addiction is classified into three main stages called as Preoccupation, Intoxication and Withdrawal. An addict constantly desires for the drug or substance, as the drug use progress, he seeks more and more quantity of the drug to get the intoxication effect and at last develops tolerance and withdrawal symptoms.

Proper medication and psychotherapy sessions are given to the patients, our team makes sure that every patient gets proper care and sessions are being done properly. There is no specific time of recovery; it depends upon your speed, on how fast you catch all the changes that you need to recover. 

Koshish De-addiction Centre in Bhubaneswar – Rehabilitation Centre in Bhubaneswar makes sure that details of all our patients are kept confidential and private; no information is given to any outsider or family member without the consent of the patient. It comes under our policy to protect the rights of our patients.

Family has the most significant role in the treatment as they can guide the treatment in a positive direction by being honest and committed. Addicts knowingly or unknowingly can emotionally blackmail their family members, so they should be mentally prepared and discuss the treatment openly and give their full cooperation and support to the therapists. Most important is that the approach of family towards addicts should be supportive, rather than treating them as guilty or abandon them from the family.

You can get the best treatment at our rehabilitation centre in Bhubaneswar; we have a professional team of doctors, psychologists, and therapists who are there to look after all the patients in a managerial way. Everything works in order and therapy sessions are provided. Activity sessions are organized and patients are trained so that they can live like they used to live before getting into any addiction. To know more, you can visit our website.