In Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Koshish De-addiction Centre is one of the best Nasha Mukti Kendras offering De Addiction & Rehabilitation. To restore hope, health, and your relationships, we offer cost-effective short & long-term residential rehabilitation programmes tailored to the substance used by the addict. The biggest health problem in the country is the addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Many individuals throughout their lives find it difficult to manage their alcohol consumption. According to a survey conducted in 2013 by the Indian Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, 246 million people aged 16-65 worldwide (1 out of 20) are indulging in the overuse of illicit drugs. Among this number, around 27 million people struggle with drug abuse and 1 in 10 children are living with parents who have alcohol-related problems.

There can be a cost to the person’s life over time if they are addicted to alcohol or any other type of drug. The good news is that with a little effort, this condition can be effectively managed and treated for life. All you need is good treatment!

Koshish Deaddiction center is an accredited Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre located in Bhubaneswar, renowned for its comprehensive care and treatment programs. Offering the utmost quality of service, they strive to provide individuals with the necessary support to build back their lives. Their team of experts includes psychiatrics, psychologists and medical professionals who work devotedly towards helping people break away from substance abuse and addiction. Moreover, Koshish Deaddiction centre is determined to create a safe and compassionate surrounding for those who are wanting to recover from drug or alcohol dependency. Through empirically-proven therapies, tailored care plans and family support programs, their aim is to make rehabilitation as successful as possible so that people can have long-term abstinence from such addictions. We strive towards equipping individuals and families with the tools needed to achieve their ultimate objective i.e Complete NASHA MUKTI (freedom from addiction).