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Koshish De-addiction Centre is a leading Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre located in BHUBANESWAR, Odisha, which provides cost-efficient short-term and long-term residential treatment programmes for alcohol addictions. 24/7 support for rehab residents and access to regular medical and mental health professionals’ appointments are available. The prevalence of alcohol addiction has been growing across the globe. Many people are suffering from financial problems, spending much of their time indoors, feeling lonely and psychologically weak; however, it has been a well-established phenomenon even before the outbreak of Covid-19. In this modern world with cutthroat competition and pressure to reach ambitious goals and ambitions, the consumption of potentially hazardous substances such as alcohol is unfortunately increasing.

Under the supervision of a doctor, alcohol rehabilitation involves detoxification, complete abstinence from alcohol, and medication to help the patient recover. Patients are guided in dealing with fears, resentments, and other issues that may be affecting their lives during the recovery process.

Our alcohol de-addiction treatment and rehab programmes at Koshish De-addiction Centre include group therapy, individual counselling and psychoeducation addressing the biological, psychological and social effects of alcohol dependence.

Experienced and dedicated therapists and motivated staff with many years of addiction treatment experience lead and support our proven and effective drug and alcohol addiction recovery programmes.

Koshish De-addiction Center’s Alcohol De-addiction Treatment & Programme

Combination of WHO-recommended 12-step program for alcoholics

alcohol addiction treatmentt at koshish

The recovery process takes a lifetime of commitment on the part of the alcoholic and care on the part of the loved ones, which is why Koshish De-addiction Centre also provides Family Support.

Personalized De Addiction Treatment & Rehab Programs based on the substance the addict uses.

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